Municipalities play a key role in the fight against climate change. Bosquia primarily relies on public lands to carry out plantations and continue reducing the Carbon Footprint.

Thanks to collaboration with various municipalities throughout the national territory, and with the support of different companies sponsoring the forests, Bosquia has managed to plant more than 385,000 trees – offsetting over 55,612 tons of CO2.


  • Reforestation of degraded areas
  • Restoration of natural wealth and biodiversity to the area
  • Maintenance by Bosquia during the first years to ensure the greatest success
  • Towns and municipalities committed to fighting climate change
  • Actions against deforestation by fires
  • Zero cost for the municipality – we take care of everything


We carry out CSR and Team Building projects with the planting of native trees to offset the CO2 footprint of your entity.

We organize tree plantings under strict environmental and scientific criteria. In this way, you can offset your carbon footprint with native trees while restoring degraded land.

CSR and Team Building

Your employees will identify with your company’s philosophy.


Tons of CO2 compensated.

Corporate Details

Hectares of forest repopulated.


If you’re visiting our website, chances are you share our concern for the future of our planet. That’s exactly why Bosquia offers you a straightforward and impactful way to contribute to its preservation: by sponsoring a tree..

We’re committed to forest regeneration and the revitalization of green spaces on a daily basis. It’s with this spirit that we extend an invitation for you to join our mission. By adopting a tree through Bosquia, you not only support the planting and nurturing of new trees across the globe but also contribute to enhancing air quality and providing essential habitats for a variety of wildlife and plant species..

They help us create forests